Little Italy

Aug 14, 2016 by admin

I was pondering and flourish an idea in his head of the Italian restaurant. After my trip back Hue, I have discussed with you friends and ask the opinions of the foreigners working in Hue on Italian cuisine, in an Italian restaurant on the ground there. I have decided to open an Italian restaurant on the ground beloved imperial city of Hue.

Born, release..
On 26 May 07 2002 LITTLE ITALY Restaurant officially launched at 2A Vo Thi Sau Street, Hue City – an address is located in the center of entertainment for visitors, especially international travelers – serving Italian cuisine and some typical dishes such as Europe, Asia and Vietnam. The restaurant is decorated with rustic bamboo material with the coordination and harmonization of light orchestral music mellow with the staff cheerful, enthusiastic and thoughtful gave visitors a sense of comfort and closeness as sitting in his family.

Furthermore we have more take-home service free for guests upon request. But we also encountered initial difficulties in finance, training style service for new staff and especially the chef’s voice came from Saigon – is the chef there Nearly 12 years experience in the restaurants in the country and abroad and many other difficulties … but we have gradually overcome the difficulties and errors to develop more and better restaurants.


With the effort to learn, improve the experience of their predecessors and the determination of the management and staff, after more than a year the restaurant has been named in a number of magazines, newspapers and special foreign Guide book is in some Japanese. Stories – Little Italy were guests loved and introduced to each other, many travel companies at home and abroad have trusted contracted to take guests to the restaurant.
By 2005, Little Italy as tourists both domestic and international widely known through the Lonely Planet book and so far it has been the restaurant Little Italy specializes in providing all kinds of Pizza, Pasta, Hamburger, Sandwich. .. Best in Hue with chef team has experienced and professional service style, with the skilful management, active and amorous young boss learned of Le Xuan Phuong, we hope Little Italy on a development and beyond. When tourists arrive in Hue easily recognize our employees holding these maps detailed information to help you travel in the city and also easier when you want to go to the grassroots of us.

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